Social Life?

Today, my sister said she has no social life, thanks to homework.

That surprised me.

Where I am from, for kids her age, social life is mostly hanging out with friends at school and sometimes on the weekends. A party for a birthday or when exams end etc. Family dinners and such. And there was nothing on the plate, as far as I knew. So what was she talking about?

Oh, the fact that she hasn’t checked her Facebook for three days.


In our heads, the former is categorized the same as latter? Rhetorical question, really. Oh, the extent to which social media has taken over our actual social lives!

After her comment, I told myself that I would log in to my Facebook account today but log out immediately after checking notifications, rather than hang around like a boring old sod with nothing better to do. At least, today!

Crap! Facebook must be a sorcerer – I did the exact thing I promised myself I won’t do today.

Icing on the cake: I rely on social media to (self) promote my blog.


Maybe not. Just need to learn some self control.

And in my sister’s case, I am glad that she is currently in the process of developing a keen interest in reading. So all is not lost. *phew*


Facebook: A New Frontier in Social Awkwardness

Facebook: A New Frontier in Social Awkwardness

Indeed, Facebook has re-defined the meaning of ‘ social awkwardness’. Much as I admire it for the it-let’s-me-keep-in-touch factor, the charm somewhat wears off as described in the above link: For example, when people feel the need to tell others about their change in relationship status, lest someone complains that they had to find out about it through Facebook.

What a stigma that must be! Take a hint, maybe? :p