I am appalled.

Disturbed. Disgusted. Horrified. Shocked beyond words.

Shivers ran down my spine as they show the clip again and again.

The people are shouting. Yells to give it to him. The pleas of mercy. All the ‘talk’ is followed by gunshots and screams. And the continuous robotic voice of the newscaster in the background.

But it’s all a mumble jumble to me.

There is a numbness in my fingers and I have to put my fork down. I don’t think I can eat another bite then.

Ho-? Wha-?

I was sure of only one thing: this is the end of humanity.

When you can shoot an unarmed person – just a kid, at that – at point black range, disregarding his pleas of mercy, and then stand around to see him wail in pain and watch as he dies of his injuries, injuries that you just caused…inhumane is too small a word. The range of emotions that I felt – and am feeling – can not be explained in words. And what I have seen of the news, most Pakistanis feel the same way.

What it all boils down to, in my opinion, is this: He could have been the biggest daaku in Pakistan who had just been apprehended during the commission of a crime. He could have been a murderer of thousands of innocents. He could have been the largest terrorist threat at this time. He could have been caught with a bomb jacket. He himself could have confessed to all that he had done wrong. There could have been an Everest of proof against him that left no one in any doubt.

But, nothing, NOTHING, gives you the right to train your guns at him and shoot him like this. Nothing, nothing, NOTHING!

I could say it a million times and it would still not be said enough times.


Just before, the TV was switched to a drama station. One of the last scenes was of a poor mother who just found out that the reason her son wasn’t home was because he was in jail. She immediately runs off to find out what her precious flesh and blood had done to deserve this and refuses to believe the police wala who tells her that her son is not the angel she envisions.

But, oh!

The pain of finding out your son has been alleged a criminal…

The pain of finding out that he has actually been killed on trial by gun…

The pain of seeing that actual footage is available for the world to see, over and over and over again…

The pain of knowing he is never coming home because of the cruelty of a few..

Beyond imagination.

The scene from the drama seems like such a joke. A drama.

The whole situation just defies logic. If he was a criminal, just throw him in jail. Like the countless other smaller criminals are. Like the countless other criminals are not.

What unpardonable crime did he commit to warrant such a punishment?


Hundreds of thousands of mobiles are stolen everyday. Hundreds of thousands of unlicensed weapons are in circulation. Why did Sarfraz have to pay for every other sinner’s and/or criminal’s sin?


Dear Rangers, are you so drunk in the power to be able to shoot anyone, given enough cause, you thought you’d demonstrate a bit to the civilian population, just in case they forgot who was in charge? Are you so drunk on power that you thought you’d get away with it, especially if there was an FIR against the poor kid? Are you so drunk on power that your finger slipped – oops! – on the trigger and are sorry you got sweaty hands just then? Are you so drunk on power that you feel you can just shoot away the problems in the name of ‘security’ – rather the lack of it – in this country? Are you so drunk?

Do you think you’d get away with it?

Ah! That one is probably going to backfire on me…here, you can get away with anything. I must thank you for demonstrating it once again to the entire planet.

Notice has been taken of course. The incident is still alive in the news. People of this numbed-down nation are still aggrieved. The specific Rangers have been arrested and an FIR has been registered. Higher-ups are being removed from their positions as a result.


Only time will tell. I’m not too optimistic though. I’m sure everyone remembers the Sialkot thrashing incident.

And what do I do? Nothing.

Except feeling angry and bewildered.

Except picking up my fork and changing the channel.

Except writing this post.


May Allah grant peace to the departed soul and his family.

(I apologize if this piece seems to lack coherence or even a thesis; i wrote it as the thoughts came to me)