Notes to Self: Be Patient

Be patient.

You can’t control everything. In fact, you can’t control anything. Events, people, time. It’s okay. Be patient.

It might seem as if things won’t work out the way you want them to. And when they do, you won’t like it. It doesn’t matter. Be patient.

Sometimes, the day will slow down. It might even come to a complete standstill. It’ll pass. Be patient. 

Other times, your head feels like it would explode. That your troubles won’t end. They will. Be patient.

The nights might feel endless. Your eyes will burn with sleep but you will toss restlessly. You can rest tomorrow. Be patient. 

Your day will come. Be patient.


Notes to Self – Be Flexible

Be flexible.

You need to adjust to different situations. Adjust to people. Adjust to their moods. So be flexible.

Don’t be so principled that you don’t see the negative aspects of your actions. You can’t be blind to the effect you have. So be flexible.

You might not like what other people say. You might say something that other people don’t like. So be flexible.

You’re on your own. It’s not going to be easy. So be flexible.

P. S.: Being flexible in bed should help too.

Winter Relatable – #6

Still, two socks…always!

Winter Relatables 6


Winter Relatables – #5

Yup, it gets that cold sometimes here!

Winter Relatables 5



Winter Relatable – #4

This is one of the worst things, especially when you have to get up to get the phone charger but the 9GAG browsing that you get to do makes it worthwhile! 😀

Winter Relatables 4


Winter Relatables – #2

Tea/coffee becomes even more special in winters!

Winter Relatables 2


Winter Relatables – #1

Starting a graphical series, in an effort to make this cold season a bit more interesting, to practice my amateurish photoshop skills and to get back to blogging!

You know how you have to go the loo often because of the cold? But then, once you do go, all the movement and contact with water makes you wanna have to go again and colder? Sucks!

Winter Relatables 1