The Pursuit of Happyness

My sister burst into the room, eyes shining with excitement. Her team had made it to the second round of a competition they were participating in. She was breathless, laughing, jumping. In a matter of seconds, she had already left the room to break the news to our mother.

And I just sat there wondering how to tell her that this was at the best part of her life, that she needs to always cherish this little moment and make sure she has many more like these.

Just sat there wondering if there was a way to stop time; longing to stop time. For her to be this happy. To have this happy. Forever.

So I saved the lecture for another day, went up to wish her luck and said a silent prayer for her happiness.

My Cup Of TEA

In the vicinity of three munchkins, T, E and A, one can’t help but smile and laugh and be merry. Nothing else matters. The world could be ending but all you’d be concerned about would be to finish your game of tag with them.

10, 5 and 2.5 years old, they are also at the perfect mathematical age which works perfectly for one’s OCD.

They are certainly my cup of tea,

It’s a coincidence that it happens to be my favorite beverage. Or is it?