Invisibility Cloak

If no one sees us doing anything wrong, it means we haven’t done anything wrong. If people see us doing something wrong but no one stops us, it means we haven’t done anything wrong.

Simple logic.

We will fire in the air randomly, not caring a bit whether someone dies because of it. Nobody stopped us, you know. Of course, we realize everyone was too busy running for their own lives and trying to keep their own hearing intact. But if they had a problem, they should have said something. Even the police officers did not seem to mind our activities. So why do you care?

We will probably get angry and b-slap a few poor women. We realize that physical violence is not the answer but sometimes, these things have to be done, you know? Some people have to be reminded of their place. Once again, nobody stopped us: not the people, not the police officers there. So we’re automatically in the right. If you didn’t like our attitude, maybe you should have said something, yeah? May we remind you, however, that none of the people we “wronged” said even one word. Guess they knew who was right and who was wrong *nod*. Better than you seem to be doing so.

It would seem that Harry Potter is not the only lucky one. We Pakistanis are this lucky too. And these are just two very simple, yet so complex, examples of incidents that occurred during the (a little more than) recent (small-level) elections that took place in the country.

We haven’t acquired this Invisibility Cloak recently either. We have become quite, quite adept at all levels at making ourselves and our actions “invisible” from any consequences, brilliant people that we are.

Thumbs up, fellow countrymen and women! (We don’t discriminate based on gender either! Ha!)

Author’s Note: I apologize for the disappearance act. A draft of this has been sitting in my folder ever since election day but I was unable to muster enough motivation to research more before actually finishing up and publishing a proper piece – something I promise myself every time. Since this is done now, I can easily move on to “massacring” the new(er) ideas floating in my brain.

From The Top Of My Head

For the past so many days, I’ve been wanting to write. Desperately.

And the testament to the desperation are the numerous drafts sitting in the All Posts section. Including this one, so far.

I wanted to write about so many things but things got in the way.

Time has started running away from me. When there was time, there were no words. And when there were words, there was no energy.

Soldiers died. Indignation and uproar was created; action was taken. Finally, a stand was taken. Maybe. You can’t be too sure of anything these days. People kept dying, crimes kept happening. The politicians kept up their talking. Nothing can stop them. If anything, it became even more outrageous. Oh wait, I think they are beyond that. And it’s all a conspiracy anyway. Just like the Boy who Cried Wolf – he was framed!

And we have also become an undemocratic nation, haven’t we? I mean, banning an international news channel…what guts we seem to have acquired. How dare we deny freedom of speech in any way. Even if not doing so meant we are axing our own metaphorical foot. Oh, who cares what a bunch of terrorists say!

The best possible thing to do is to divert attention by floating around a memo that may or may not have been written by the named author. And if that doesn’t work, we always have one actress short of a brain and short of publicity. What she isn’t short on is skin, ladies and gentlemen. So why not show it off a little and stir up the hornet’s nest a little more?

Not really. For that, we have our president to thank for mysteriously going for some check-up in Dubai in the middle of the night. Abandonment or a real ailment, I can guess as much as the next person and I don’t blame you for being nervous. All I know for sure is that he definitely knows how to have all the attention focused on him.

But too many bytes have already been spent on these topics. I wish the process of writing was cathartic. Even just a tiny bit. But “words” on a piece of screen don’t really amount to anything. They just remain bits of code, forever lost in cyber space. Otherwise, they just evade you and all you can do is watch silently the new catastrophe that awaits you.

Or else, there is always That 70s Show to amuse you.

Twenty Four Beats


One. Two.

Twenty-four is not a big number.

Three. Four.

You can count to twenty-four in a matter of seconds even less than half of twenty-four.

Five. Six.

Only, it becomes a really heavy number once it is twenty-four heart beats that are no more.

Seven. Eight.

Dead for their country, in an unprovoked attacked by NATO helicopters and fighter jets, as they manned their posts.

Nine. Ten.

Quick, sharp response from the Pakistani government officials and condemnation all around.

Eleven. Twelve.

“Culprits” banned out of an airbase.

Thirteen. Fourteen.

Decide to block NATO supply routes indefinitely.

Fifteen. Sixteen.

Protest! “Sovereignty” under attack.

Seventeen. Eighteen.

Oops. NATO and US officials say they will investigate fully.

Nineteen. Twenty.

NATO chief tweets condolences.

Twenty-one. Twenty-two.

A tweet is better than another raid.

Twenty-three. Twenty-four.

Twenty-four is not a big number.


Minus twenty-four.

A Real Smart Move?

Planning and thinking ahead?

I wouldn’t have thought the administration of this country would have it in them. I don’t think anyone did. Think that this administration had it in them, I mean. But they just proved us all wrong.

Yep. We had no inkling. These people are actually very smart.

You know how there are numerous attempts to conserve and preserve the Earth’s scarce resources? And how there are moves towards sustainable energy and renewable resources and all that jazz? And how there is a danger that in the future, the Earth might not have anything left to give us if we continue how we’re continuing?

Well, this administration realized that the picture is not that rosy. Especially not for a country like Pakistan. We have so many problems that it is not possible to think about creating alternatives to energy. So, what to do?

Seems like they do have a solution.

Since resources are scarce and people have problems with conservation, the people should just start in living how they used to before the advent of technology and inventions and all that crap that the people rely on so much these days.

Simple and brilliant right?

And so, there are unplanned and random electrical cuts for hours at a time. So long that the UPSs give up and generators run out of petrol, something that is already too expensive for a majority of the population.

Obviously, this concerns only those who have such luxuries available. Only yesterday, during one such power cuts interestingly, my sister was wondering how her teacher ‘survived’ as she didn’t have either of these in her home. Just goes to show, doesn’t it?

In any case, the point is that we are being trained for the future. The future where there would probably be no electricity available to the masses of this country and we would probably have to sit with torches and in candlelight. Of course, there would be no TV or computer or internet or cell phones or any other electrical appliances etc etc. Well, not for long anyway. And there would obviously be no vehicles for transport and we’d finally be trained to use bicycles or our feet.

At least in this respect, the ‘stigma’ can be removed, you know. I mean, imaging saying: I use my bicycle because I care about the environment. Yuck!

And in the end, there would come a day when we would be used to the stone-age life. And if and when all resources dwindled down to nothingness, we would be ready.

That, my friends, is the very very smart plan those in power are executing quietly. I’m sure they realized they would take a lot of heat over such things. But they are willing to sacrifice their good names for the greater good. Salute!

Author’s Note: Ironically enough, the electricity went three times while I was in the process of writing this little piece. So, I’m just posting this before it happens a fourth time. Also, this piece sounded better in my head. It’s certainly not the comeback to the blogging world that I imagined it would be. Maybe I’m losing my touch. Oops.

Stings, Doesn’t It?

Pakistan is in the grips of an energy crisis. The electric shortfall is becoming severer day by day but nothing is being done by anyone. What Pakistani politician would ever actually do anything? It goes against everything they stand for.

But the solution is simple enough.

The government should just invest in Pepsi’s energy drink Sting!


I mean, it can evidently power car batteries, no? ( We should just start using it to power our homes and generators and UPS systems. Because, really, no one is going to build a dam or put in solar panels or look into windmills. That kind of thinking is reserved for the First World.

And in any case, we’re too busy trying to verbally bash the politician from the other party to care for how the people are dying. Best population control method, man!

I better post this before the electricity ‘goes’ again!

Sticks and Stones

One day, an important government man talks to the media. He accuses a certain well-known individual of being one of the biggest criminals in the country.

 And all hell breaks loose in a city already too troubled.

 Haven’t these people ever heard of ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’?

Guess not.

What bugs me is the fact that the supporters of the accused saw fit to defend him by coming out on the streets and making the already-difficult situation in the city even more problematic. But of course, who cares if the residents of one entire province feel threatened? It is much more important to defend the ‘honour’ of a man sitting thousands of miles away safely. How dare anyone besmirch his good name!

In my opinion, burning tires at least don’t indicate that you’re an angel.

I also feel that everyone needs to exercise the utmost caution when saying something – anything – in public, be it a personal opinion or a general speech. And not just because of a fear of the ‘consequences’.

Yet, maybe, words were all he had, this important government man.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out very well for him. His party backtracked at top speed and had him issue a public apology. But it seems to have given the accused person’s political party good leverage to get back on terms with the government they had just kicked away.

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