The Pale Horse Again

Hello, friend.

It has been a while now, hasn’t it? Sorry, I was in too much of a hurry to stop. Or to see if your situation persisted. I have a hint that you might have found a friend for yourself. Good for you.

Your situation is probably the same though. Considering you were not that far from your roaming grounds. Things like these rarely change. A few twists, yes. Some turns.

But things don’t change. They remain the same. We remain the same. Shackled to this life. Ghosts of ourselves.


I found it incredulous that she believed in eyelash wishes.
Really? I asked her.

Her answer: Why not? It’s just a way to pray. An excuse, if you will.

That seemed to make sense. Back then, at least. Today, I just brushed off the eyelash that I saw on the back of my hand.

Didn’t I need to pray? More like, didn’t feel like it, the thankless human that I am.

All the more reason to pray, to ‘wish’, don’t you think? She says in my head.

I nod to myself. Yes. Yes, it is.