My (maternal) grandmother sat there, eyes down. I was accompanying her to the eye doctor’s for a check-up. As she sat there, I couldn’t help but wonder at how dejected she looked.

It was heart-breaking. I can’t even imagine losing my eye sight completely and being so helplessly dependent on people around me. But more than that, it was the age-factor that distressed me. This woman, who was one of the strongest I ever knew, sat there looking so sad, so…

And while the doctor examined her eyes and everything and talked to my mother (who was there too), I sat back and wondered how much I owe her.

From a complete rural background and uneducated herself, she made sure that her oldest daughter (my aunt) attended college, despite much resistance. And her husband, my maternal grandfather made sure he helped her as much as was possible. Picking, dropping, teaching, etc. Of course, that meant there was no question that my mom wouldn’t be going to college.

With my paternal grandfather, I found out at a much later age that he was not kidding when he said he only studied till Grade Three. With his father passing away, he took to work with his elder brother to support their family. Sure he only knew phrases of English, but hearing him talk, you’d never know he wasn’t well-learned/educated. And I remember how my paternal grandmother told me she had studied up to Grade Five, which was a big, big deal at that time. However, she sadly explained that since she didn’t have much use for it, most of it was forgotten in the daily life routine & work.

Of course, they made sure that their kids – ALL of them – went to school as much as possible, and learned enough to survive in the world. And all this is an era where education was considered an added bonus, not a compulsion like in today’s times.

No, I’m not making a case for education. I’m making a case for my grandparents, for the three of them alive and the one who has joined his Maker.

I’m perpetuating their memory, their deeds and their struggles. I’m looking at them withering away in front of my eyes. Slowing down a little each day. And I know that I only have limited moments left with them.

And that I need to make each moment count.

I just hope that the little things that I might be able to do for them these days, count an itsy bitsy towards “repaying” them for all they’ve done.

Afterall, I owe it all to them, by the grace of God, and so, SO, much more!

Love & prayers!

The Right Way

Oh, so you’re standing in the front of the queue now after going to the bathroom? Yes, it really is a long walk back to where you were standing earlier. We must spare you all that exertion. Meanwhile, please tell us another anecdote of how you’re a doctor and always try your best to rid the (our) society of wrong practices.

Your way is indeed the right one, madam. You have the right of way as well. I salute you.

And in case you were wondering, waiting fifteen more minutes didn’t kill us.

Ad-ding It Up

S. Shah – Rohani Scholar Extraordinaire – able to solve all the problems of all women. All those who have lost hope should contact at least once as a last resort.

If you want to stop a marriage or get married; want to enslave your lover’s mind completely; want husband’s full attention or have disobedient children; constant fights at home or issues of property inheritance; whoever wants revenge should contact immediately; know lottery numbers through Jinn; expert in making right left and left right

Have everything done while sitting comfortably at home. Total secrecy guaranteed.

Someone stuck this ad under my windshield wipers the other day. I perused it while I put the key into the ignition switch and went about putting on my seat belt. It was printed on rough cardboard, in red and black ink, and a contact number was provided for all those interested.

I couldn’t help laughing out loud (no, not the text messaging ‘LOL’ where you don’t actually laugh at anything, let alone ‘loud’).

Yes, I know you must be wondering whether I’ve lost my mind completely (a post for a later time, folks). How could I be laughing at something totally serious?

Jinn are revealing lottery numbers to us – BINGO!

Also, who wouldn’t want to make left right and right left? Really, I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve wanted to be ambidextrous. It would have been especially helpful when I was writing those long exams at school.

And of course, now I know how I will stop X marrying Y and then have X all to myself; he will live a much happier life, I’m telling you. At the same time, the cold and sweet dish of revenge is mine, all mine! *insert evil laughter*

See? This is extremely funny…

It is extremely funny how even in this scientific day and age, we believe in the rohani (spiritual) element and black magic so firmly. So much that it is only because of our ‘belief’ that people like S. Shah continue to exist and thrive in the society. So naive are we that we continue to be ensnared by these people time and again.

I have to admit: black magic does exist. Even our religion tells us so. And so do Jinn, and can easily be ‘used’ by people who I know how to.

Does that mean we should? Mr. Shah and his countless colleagues definitely thinks so.

Yes, poverty and lack of education (or maybe just plain old ignorance?) are definitely behind all this. Who wouldn’t want to make a little extra money by winning the lottery? Especially when you can barely make ends meet in the first place? But sometimes even the highest level of education and wealth is like spun sugar when face-to-face with the ‘results’ of such actions.

And you know the funniest thing? We demand ‘logic’ and a ‘rational’ explanation when we are called towards faith (generally true for most religions), but for things like this, all our ‘logic’ jumps right out of the fifth storey window.

Anyways, excuse me. I need to run out and call up Mr. Shah in order to ensnare X’s mind so he that he ditches Y and is forever mine. Being doubly sure never hurt.