Sunday Evening Thoughts

We never do much together but the house seems empty without my sister. I’m sure she’ll have a blast. It is indeed the experience of a lifetime.

Everyone’s really glad that her trip is only for two weeks though, including traveling time. It’s hard to admit that the baby of the family is old enough to leave the nest and step out into the world by herself.

Meanwhile, I use all the technology available to me to stalk her to hide the i-miss-her and the small twinge of green. Flight live-tracking and hotel websites for the win!


She arranged her slippers and reminded me of her husband.

Last evening, she was using his walker because her legs were hurting and I was sad again.

This time, though, the tug at my heart strings was for her. She suddenly looked so frail and old and I wondered how many more moments we all have with her…

Tears sprang to my eyes but I held them back. I am good at that.

What I did was fill her jug and put it at the night stand, like Dad reminded me to. Held both her hands and helped her to her bed, ambling along slowly as she had ‘forgotten’ both her stick and walker outside.

Said a little prayer for her. Wrote a blog post.



My best friend. My worst enemy. I love them. I hate them.

There is no escape.

I can use them to express myself. Anything I want to say; everything I want to say. So cathartic. So helpful. So magical. They become the antidote, helping me suck the poison out of my veins, letting me breath anew.

Once they are out though, the toothpaste does not go back into the tube. Even if no one else reads them, I give full form to ideas that were only half-baked. Then, there is no forgetting.

There is no escape.