Two Years?

OMG! I. Cannot. Believe. It!


I cannot believe it that I forgot and only remembered because I logged on here by chance and had a notification from WordPress…

MadStickyNotes is celebrating its two year anniversary today (yesterday)! WOOHOO!

As is evident, I am caught by surprised and can’t really think of much to say; made worse by the fact that I have been too caught up with “life” and haven’t been paying the blog much attention *embarrassed*.

But, I would like to hear from you! If you have anything to tell me, feel free to comment below and do so.


Not So Faded

It was only a few hours ago that I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t remember the very awesome blog post idea that I had last night just before I dozed off.

Well, guess what?

I remember. It clicked just now, thanks to a chance dialogue in an episode of That 70’s Show.

But now, on second thought, it wasn’t as awesome as I was making it out to be. Oops!

So there was a reason my brain was blocking that train of thought. I guess some ideas are good only when there isn’t much you can do about them.

I am going to look at the bright side: still got two blog posts out of it…ka-ching!

success kid meme

Top Ten Reasons Blogging Is Bullshit

Reblogged from: Top Ten Reasons Blogging Is Bullshit by Kate Forster
  1. Nobody really reads it, not even your friends or family.
  2. Nobody ask you any questions anymore because they read your blog, Facebook and Twitter. They know all about you and your bunions already.
  3. It takes you away from your real job and responsibilites.
  4. Your overinflated sense of self importance does not need to be recorded online.
  5. You will regret sharing that opinion, especially if you have blogged when you are tired, depressed or frustrated.
  6. Nobody really cares about your opinion, especially if you are tired, depressed or frustrated.
  7. Blog posts are mostly fastfood; all sugar and no nutrition.
  8. Blogs don’t make money unless you are Arianna Huffington whose winged (celebrity) monkeys write content for free and then can say they are published.
  9. Blogging does not mean you get to be an expert. Anyone can use Wikipedia.
  10. Updating for the sake of updating, even though you have nothing to say, like this post right here.