Non-Review: Moneyball

It’s about changing the game but nobody reinvents this game.

I am not a sporty person. I am not a sports fan. I barely understand cricket rules properly, which is a very very important game in a country like Pakistan. I definitely don’t get a game as complicated as baseball.

But I get Moneyball: it’s about changing the game when nobody reinvents this game.

It’s not about being romantic about baseball – or any game, in fact. It’s not about losing, and it is certainly less about winning. It’s not about the underdog being given a chance. It’s not about taking chances even.

It is simply about believing.¬†That’s all it boils down too.

I am not going on Google to find out more about the movie. No trivia or random facts. I don’t know how many awards or nominations this movie has won, if any. The end-credits tell me it was directed by Bennet Miller but I am not aware of any other of his works. And of course, I recognize Brad Pitt.

All I have to say is that it is not exactly a feel-good flick. But it does make you think and that’s always good.

Miller’s way of shooting it was impactful and I loved every second of it, even though I know less than shit about baseball. The back-and-forth-in-time is certainly not a new technique to make a movie but there are always new angles that need to be delved into. This is one movie that I’ll always remember and the brilliant direction is partly to be thanked for.

Other reasons include the star obviously. I both love and hate to see Pitt looking so old. There’s a lot I don’t know including how he suddenly got so many wrinkles. Maybe I need to stop thinking of myself as a ten year old (although I wasn’t aware of Pitt’s existence back then). Whatever the reason, he carried them too well in Moneyball, as well as my heart.

I am now even more sure that it is simply about believing. I wish life was this simple too. Despite it’s complications though, believing does help.

So we should change the game to the extent we can. May it be one itty bitty step at a time. The game will change only when we believe it can. When we believe we can. It might not always have a pretty end but we’d know we tried.