Good people exist in this world.

And so does superman! ‘Cause obviously no normal person could lift a car, practically on their own, out of a muddy ditch. Or can they? Well, it probably does depend on the car, the ditch, the person, the intention, the situation, yadda yadda yadda….

All I know is: good people exist in this world.

Thank you, kind stranger.

Sunday Special: Flashback

Or: How Listening To Your Boss Helps.

Memory works in mysterious ways. It is interesting how you can be talking about a certain thing but all of a sudden, forget an essential, very relevant detail; and can’t for the life of you recall it, no matter how hard you try. At other times, even without making any effort, you remember something out of the blue and it is just what you needed at the moment.

It is barely cold here yet, but it’s cold enough to make me not want to shower in the mornings, before work. Hence, I prefer to shower before bed and get cozy under the covers. But, last week, when I took my idea out for a drive, it didn’t work out the way I had imagined it would. (No, the shower part went okay. I’ve had that down since a long time.)

I wore my best, thick socks immediately and tucked myself under the blanket, fully, but I couldn’t stop shivering. Actual I-could-hear-my-teeth-chattering kind of shivering, which made my jaw hurt in the morning.

I naturally curled up into a ball and hugged myself as close as possible  I even entertained the idea of getting up and donning a sweater, but the mere thought of getting up caused me to shiver more. I couldn’t think what to do so I just shivered some more, trying to will myself to sleep, regardless.

And then it came to me.

In my head was the voice of a person I hadn’t met, seen or talked to in a long time, telling me of a little piece of advice her mother gave her a long time ago: that lying straight, as opposed to curling up, is likely to help you get warm in bed quicker.

Oh, mercy! And I remembered that this had totally worked last winter. So I wasted no further time and got to it.

It’s funny how memory works.

This (awesome) lady is a former boss. One of the first in the past year, which is one of the main reasons I’m not likely to forget her. One of the first, ever, actually. Her life-related nuggets of wisdom, like above, ensure that I’ll always remember her.

Listen to your boss, folks. You never know when what might come in handy!

[A shout-out to the lady and prayers for her mother].

A Cup Of Tea

A cup of fresh, hot tea. The perfect companion, both in your solitude or when you have to entertain.

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.”

~Bernard-Paul Heroux

And everything is AWFUL if you don’t get your cup of morning tea. All because there is an electrical outage or someone forgets to flick a switch. I didn’t think either of these is too complicated a task to do.

“Tea is instant wisdom – just add water!” 

~Astrid Alauda

See? Tea = wisdom! If only you drank tea, then you’d be wiser and wise enough to know, you know. Is that too much to ask?

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world.”

~T’ien Yiheng

But what is a girl to do if there is no tea?

This means only one thing: the end is nigh upon us.

Like A Bird

We had a guest the other day at work.

It waited for me in the restroom, sitting on the little shelf under the small mirror above the basin…a little sparrow that looked me right in the eye as I entered.

A double take.

I thought I was imagining things. But, no. It was real enough and right there. And it wasn’t that little. By general sparrow standards, it looked fine in size. Maybe even larger, for I had never seen one this up close.

Our meeting was a little too close for comfort.

The breathe came fast. The chest rose and fell in quickly. The eyes were wide and moving rapidly.

And that was just the bird. Just a little bird who was clearly scared (bird poop everywhere!) but unable – or unwilling? – to fly away, seemingly lost.

Confusion, questions.

What was it doing here? How did it get here? Why doesn’t it go away? Why is it staring at me?  Does it consider me a threat? Do I ‘shoo’ it away? Can I ‘shoo’ it away? What if it bites me out of fear? How will I go about my business now? I will have to step closer to it to wash my hands? Yikes! What if it bites me out of fear? Can a bird bite, in the first place? Should I go get someone? Why doesn’t it fly away? Is it hurt?

I stood there, locked in a staring contest with that little winged creature. A minute passed; then an eternity. Gulp. Self-motivation. A it’s-more-scared-of-you-than-you-are-of-it speech to self.

The story becomes unglamorous here. I went about my business quickly, too aware of the little beady eyes that were still on me. Once out, I let someone in the office know about a bird sitting on the shelf so that they could remove it. Gone in a few minutes; let loose into the wide world. A bit of (angry) chirping in the vicinity indicated that it might have been a baby (although it didn’t look like it).

This encounter was indeed a little too close for comfort. This is how I look and feel often, I have realized. Too often.

Like a little bird caught on the wrong side of the nest. Like that bird sitting on a little shelf above a bathroom sink. In a situation that I am unable to handle or control. Unable to decipher, even. Fearful; my breathe coming fast and shallow. Not trusting anyone I encounter nor my own self. A sitting “duck”.


Err…I mean…chirp chirp.