I want time to move fast. I want to be able to spend all my time with him. All the days. All the dinners. All the hugs. 

I want time to move slow. I want to be able to spend a little more time here with the people I love. 

One more day. One more dinner. One more hug. 

I will always be the person with her feet in two different boats, going two different ways. 


This cookie dough doesn’t seem to be getting baked. With each day, I’m just getting older, tireder, rawer.

Ii’s like I’m…stuck. There’s no going anywhere. There’s no moving forward. A perpetual cycle of sameness.

And exhaustion.

Oh, the exhaustion. A deep, bottomless pit, stacking itself on yesterday’s pile, every day, every second.

Where’s the light at the end of this tunnel?


Dear Uncle

Presenting, my take on “DearBlankPleaseBlank” as it applies to me on a daily basis:

Dear Uncle,

Driving/turning, talking on your cell phone and all the while, staring at me? I must admire your multitasking abilities, although I would recommend you think about that child sitting next to you!

Sincerely, Concerned about his life!


Dear Uncle,

You’ve already paid for those indicators you know!

Sincerely, Would love to know which direction you want to go to next!


Dear Uncle,

No matter how many times you dip your lights at me, I can’t fly over all the cars right in front of me AND to my left just to give you space.

Sincerely, I’m not “driving” an airplane!


Dear Uncle,

You get paid to drive.

Sincerely, Focus on the road ahead!


Dear Uncle,

Your wife has totally noticed you ogling all the females.

Sincerely, Put your eyes back in.


Dear Uncle,

You should go to Kindergarten to learn the traffic-lights rhyme.

Sincerely, Only ‘green’ means ‘go’.


Dear Uncle,

Please stop changing to the “shorter” lane. It won’t be short if you join in!

Sincerely, Are you stupid?


Dear Uncle,

Please tell me where you bought the nerve to be on the wrong side of the road and then glare at me for beeping at you.

Sincerely, I want to avoid the potholes too!


Dear Uncle,

Yes, you will definitely get to your destination faster if you cross ONLY me.

Sincerely, Sheesh!


Dear Uncle,


Sincerely, I make use of all features of my car, including turn-signals.



“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

~Marcus Aurelius

So that makes it crappy, confusing and random?


Sometimes, I wish I could draw. Then, my life would have been artsy. Instead of sitting in front of a blank monitor screen or scrolling mindlessly through “funnies”, I could take up the pencil and doodle out my thoughts.

Words are my only crutch to make sense of the world, though. But the letters seem to have taken root in my brain, deep, refusing to bear fruit. So all I have are vines and tangles; crap that I’m unable to cut through.

Also, not everyone has the balls to call themselves an artist unless they have got the goods to back it up. But every other person seems to be a writer now.

I need to stop being such a scatterbrain…

Back In The Game

At the start of June, I was celebrating madstickynotes’ first birthday. Today, I have something else to celebrate: a whole month and ten days of not posting a single entry on this blog.

Such an achievement this is. I feel so proud of myself. Seriously. Going one whole month with barely even seeing how many hits – or not – I was getting a day.

And, surprisingly, I have survived. And so have the various ideas inside my head! Can’t wait to let them all out!

Just can’t believe how fast time is running out…guess I’ll just type faster! ūüėČ

Happy Birthday!

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Who left behind 137  Insightful Comments

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And cared to Spread the Word 21 Times 


Granted me with the Honour of 2 Awards

 (and which I shall be return-bestowing soon)

Today, madstickynotes turns one…

I am highly obliged to you all for the motivation to write, the support, the friendship and the appreciation.

Here’s to the many more years of writing to come!¬†