I keep wondering

What you might think if you knew

What I feel for you


What I feel for you

All the time and everyday

With all of my heart


If you knew this, then

Would you say that you also feel

The same as I do?




Leave me be

Leave me alone, I say

You are absolutely right:

I am cold and very indifferent

Like the other side of the pillow.


But know this, my dear

You will remember me

When all you want is some love

On a cold and indifferent night

Like the other side of the pillow.




The lipstick stain on the coffee mug

The chocolate chip cookie crumbs on the counter

The half-empty bottle of moisturizer

The crumpled sheets with lumpy pillow

The smudgy top book shelf 

The pile of dogeared notebooks in the corner

The drawer, this frame, that crook of the room

The heart, this life, that memory

Everything, everything is yours

Except my love! 


Bad Dream

You wake up screaming

Only to realize

That the bad guy chasing you

Is not real (phew!)

But the monster under your bed

Has gotten hold of your ankle.


These Thoughts


“Will leave you in the morning

But find you in the day”

Then stay through the night

As you stare at the ceiling

These thoughts of me


A darkness deep

With no ray of light

Nobody to rely on

Nothing else to think of

Except these thoughts of me 


All our time together

What could have been

But all that we had

Is all that you threw away

Except these thoughts of me.


No blood in your veins

No taste in your mouth

Everything will break

Everything will be lost

Except these thoughts of me.


Inspired from the song “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle


The Door in The Dark

Sometimes, you’re hit in the head with a door in the dark. And then, you should close that door and stay there. Other times, you should get hit in the head with a door in the dark and try a memory reset.

The Door in The Dark

By Robert Frost

In going from room to room in the dark,

I reached out blindly to save my face,

But neglected, however lightly, to lace

My fingers and close my arms in an arc.

A slim door got in past my guard,

And hit me a blow in the head so hard

I had my native simile jarred.

So people and things don’t pair any more

With what they used to pair with before.