Some days, a face is all the catharsis you need.

You barely feature in their life. You might not have seen each other in a really long time. Or been in touch properly. Or talked lately.

But none of that matters. It doesn’t matter that you meet for a couple of hours after a really long time. It doesn’t matter that you are in a group situation. It doesn’t matter what you do when you get together. It doesn’t matter what you talk about.

The fact that they are willing to see your face, spend some time with you, hold a conversation with you, not look or sound repulsed, laugh at your stupid jokes…

Well, it just proves that they are absolute gems, and without even being aware of the fact, they help you. And they make up for all the people who – to put it politely – don’t or for whom you just don’t seem to exist (anymore, suddenly).

A thousand friggin’ times over.

“So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light.”

~Ghosts That We Knew by Mumford & Sons

And you just know that it is going to be alright. It won’t be easy but it would be alright.

Sunday Special: Flashback

Or: How Listening To Your Boss Helps.

Memory works in mysterious ways. It is interesting how you can be talking about a certain thing but all of a sudden, forget an essential, very relevant detail; and can’t for the life of you recall it, no matter how hard you try. At other times, even without making any effort, you remember something out of the blue and it is just what you needed at the moment.

It is barely cold here yet, but it’s cold enough to make me not want to shower in the mornings, before work. Hence, I prefer to shower before bed and get cozy under the covers. But, last week, when I took my idea out for a drive, it didn’t work out the way I had imagined it would. (No, the shower part went okay. I’ve had that down since a long time.)

I wore my best, thick socks immediately and tucked myself under the blanket, fully, but I couldn’t stop shivering. Actual I-could-hear-my-teeth-chattering kind of shivering, which made my jaw hurt in the morning.

I naturally curled up into a ball and hugged myself as close as possible  I even entertained the idea of getting up and donning a sweater, but the mere thought of getting up caused me to shiver more. I couldn’t think what to do so I just shivered some more, trying to will myself to sleep, regardless.

And then it came to me.

In my head was the voice of a person I hadn’t met, seen or talked to in a long time, telling me of a little piece of advice her mother gave her a long time ago: that lying straight, as opposed to curling up, is likely to help you get warm in bed quicker.

Oh, mercy! And I remembered that this had totally worked last winter. So I wasted no further time and got to it.

It’s funny how memory works.

This (awesome) lady is a former boss. One of the first in the past year, which is one of the main reasons I’m not likely to forget her. One of the first, ever, actually. Her life-related nuggets of wisdom, like above, ensure that I’ll always remember her.

Listen to your boss, folks. You never know when what might come in handy!

[A shout-out to the lady and prayers for her mother].

Cherishing Memories

Those hours that you were just considering cherishing forever?

Yeah, those are gone and here you are writing a blog post to cherish them already. All that laughter and conversation. All that gladness. That warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort. Of satisfaction.

Just memories.

Who knows when’s going to be the next time you can all sit together? If, in fact, you can, at all?

Such is the sadness of life. Even in the gladness. The cold feeling of this-will-be-over-soon amidst the warmth. The satisfaction is just an illusion. A mirage that only provides virtual, temporary comfort.

And the memories? Pretty soon, those are going to fade away too.

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.

(Bob Dylan)

The Right Way

Oh, so you’re standing in the front of the queue now after going to the bathroom? Yes, it really is a long walk back to where you were standing earlier. We must spare you all that exertion. Meanwhile, please tell us another anecdote of how you’re a doctor and always try your best to rid the (our) society of wrong practices.

Your way is indeed the right one, madam. You have the right of way as well. I salute you.

And in case you were wondering, waiting fifteen more minutes didn’t kill us.

Reality Check

A friend told me how, when she called a really good friend of hers, she found out that people had been talking about. To be more precise, she found out what people had been saying about her.

Now, I didn’t know what the problem was, specifically, but I knew better than to ask. She’s already a private person. But even if she wasn’t, it was obvious that she hadn’t heard anything good from her friend. Hence, the anger, the sadness; the desire to hibernate.

I’m sure ALL of us, at one point in our lives or another, have been a victim of wagging and gossiping tongues. Completely disregarding whether the info they are sharing is right or wrong or what the consequences are for their victims, of course. But this last thing wouldn’t hit home until they get cut by someone else’s razor-edged tongue.

So, as was expected, I texted my friend back immediately, telling her to not pay heed. There is no other option but to brace yourselves and turn a blind eye to such things.

Easier said than done, of course.

If I was in her place, I would have had the same reaction. And in fact, no words in a text would have consoled me.

But that is all you can do, sometimes: put your faith in the higher power and the few ‘words’ that you see on your smart phone screen.

Here, I’m saving my text message reply in an effort to be able to take my own advice. A reminder, possibly in harsh words. But it is a cruel world and survival demands being cruel to your own self.

“Baby! You need to stop focusing on people. They NEVER stop talking. Even after you go into permanent hibernation six feet under!”

Think before you speak. It’s not that hard.


I found it incredulous that she believed in eyelash wishes.
Really? I asked her.

Her answer: Why not? It’s just a way to pray. An excuse, if you will.

That seemed to make sense. Back then, at least. Today, I just brushed off the eyelash that I saw on the back of my hand.

Didn’t I need to pray? More like, didn’t feel like it, the thankless human that I am.

All the more reason to pray, to ‘wish’, don’t you think? She says in my head.

I nod to myself. Yes. Yes, it is.

Juicing It Up

As a kid, ever been handed a juice box with lots of caution to not spill any from the parental unit and – oops! – still managed to slop some down the front of your clothes ’cause your grip was a bit too firm? It’s okay if you don’t (want to) remember.

This is one thing I do remember: never did happen to me, never has, and probably never will! (Okay might have happened once, I’ll give you that, but it totally doesn’t count as no one can remember!) There is only one reason for it: my parents are smart, yo! [Disclaimer: I can only speak for my parents].

Oh, yes! I owe this little brilliance entirely to them. Of course, this is not the only thing I owe to them, but all those other things are stories for another day, another post. In their parental wisdom – and maybe wanting to have one less article of clothing to wash perhaps – they made perfect use of how the box is made.

All they did was simply tug out the side flaps so the box would make a kind of T-shape and then hand it to me. So, I would be holding the flaps and not the actual box!

Ingenious, I tell you! Worked like magic, too!

As s tribute, I have carried on this tradition to present day. (I finally get to the point I originally wanted to write about?) Presented with a juice box, I will not hesitate to open the flaps before inserting the straw and gulping it down. In a way, I’m grateful that at social gatherings, drinks are not served in their containers. Technically, I’m not doing anything wrong, you know. However, it is an unconventional practice (I live in my own bubble of a world) and I do have a feeling that more than one eyebrow will be raised.

Whether or not I’ll actually do it, I’ll only know if I am ever in such a position.

While I do consider this a great idea, I also think that it was a do or die situation for my parents. Both my parents are very sophisticated and charming people. They have an ease and a grace that I WISH could have been passed on to me genetically.

I am the person who will always drop most of the things she is holding. If she manages to find them. Who will step on that loose tile on the path she uses everyday and almost twist her foot. Nearly cut off a finger while using scissors. Then, get paper cuts too. Trip going up and down the stairs. And also when going out the gate after a business meeting. Bang into the furniture in broad day light. Stub toes all the time. Cause a glass shelf to fall and crack three other surfaces, including my laptop’s LCD (That was painful for more than one reason!).

I think you get the picture.

So, with a child like me, my parents had to be on top of their game. I mean, my dad can even charm the car’s automatic window opener button thingy to open the exact amount he intended on first try. Me? The ‘button’ was smart enough to disengage after the fifth instance of the whole window opening and closing.

There is only one conclusion to this haphazard anecdote: The use of juice-box flaps are for my safety and of those around me. Approach at your own risk!