You Let Her Go

She laughed even when she didn’t want to. She didn’t cry even if she wanted to.

She decided to give everything up for you. Her plans, her preferences, her loyalties. She could be happy any which way. So why not be happy for making you happy.

She didn’t ask for much. But then again, it never occurred to her to do so. She didn’t want things to be different. She didn’t want you to be different.

But you decided it wasn’t enough. She was exactly what you had dreamed of, but she had to be exactly like you had dreamed. To sculpt her into that goddess of your dreams, that was all you wanted. Without realizing that dreams flit away the moment once you awaken from your slumber; but by then, it was too late.

You had let her go.

And she, the creature of sacrifice, the goddess from your dreams, decided you were right. Once again.

So she didn’t even look back once. And you – you let her go.

Inspired by the lyrics of “You Let Her Go – Passenger”

These Thoughts


“Will leave you in the morning

But find you in the day”

Then stay through the night

As you stare at the ceiling

These thoughts of me


A darkness deep

With no ray of light

Nobody to rely on

Nothing else to think of

Except these thoughts of me 


All our time together

What could have been

But all that we had

Is all that you threw away

Except these thoughts of me.


No blood in your veins

No taste in your mouth

Everything will break

Everything will be lost

Except these thoughts of me.


Inspired from the song “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle

How To Save A Life

The Fray ask: “Where did I go wrong?”

Just take a minute to think on the following three simple steps.

1. Don’t speed up if the light changes from green to yellow. It’s okay to wait one more minute.

2. Use your car’s indicators when turning. You’ve already paid for them, might as well use them.

3. Don’t overtake just because you get an ego boost from being one car ahead.

That life you save? Yeah, that might just be your own!

I Don’t Like Walking Around This Old and Empty House

Not alone.

So I must ask: will you walk around this old and empty house with me? Will you hold my hand? 

Because then, the house won’t be empty anymore. Because then, my life wouldn’t be empty either. And old doesn’t matter. Pish! It could be crumbling around me for all I care. 

As long as you’re next to me. 

And maybe, just maybe, we could grow old together like this house?

And we can talk some little talks while we walk around the old and empty house. No more voices. No more mind tricks. 

Just peace. And love. And a dash of happy. Lots of us. 

So, will you walk around this old and empty house with me, please?

Author’s Note: This post is inspired from the Daily Prompt: This Is Your Song. The title of this post is taken from  Little Talks by Of Monsters & Men.