I Don’t Like Walking Around This Old and Empty House

Not alone.

So I must ask: will you walk around this old and empty house with me? Will you hold my hand? 

Because then, the house won’t be empty anymore. Because then, my life wouldn’t be empty either. And old doesn’t matter. Pish! It could be crumbling around me for all I care. 

As long as you’re next to me. 

And maybe, just maybe, we could grow old together like this house?

And we can talk some little talks while we walk around the old and empty house. No more voices. No more mind tricks. 

Just peace. And love. And a dash of happy. Lots of us. 

So, will you walk around this old and empty house with me, please?

Author’s Note: This post is inspired from the Daily Prompt: This Is Your Song. The title of this post is taken from  Little Talks by Of Monsters & Men.