About The Author

I think too much, sometimes even losing the thread of rationality. But I believe Spinoza when he says that it is only after knowing yourself that the freedom (ability to do better) comes.

I am a planner. I like to make long lists of things to do and then, take immense pleasure in cutting something out when I’m done.

I currently don’t have a specific aim that I’m working towards but writing has always been something that I can do and want to do. Hence, the creation of this blog to make myself write out all the rumble jumble of thoughts in my head and making sense of this mad world.

This blog will, hopefully, speak for itself and for me. It will be about anything and everything that I care to take the time out to type about, although I will try not to make this a diary filled with personal rants.

Your opinion is also valued. Please feel free to read, comment, criticize, appreciate or just say hello!

11 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. the trouble with planning/making lists is that once you’ve wriitten something down you tend to consider it done. But not always…….how’s that for a woolly thought that’s going nowhere!

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