Non-review: I Am Legend

Audio Books are my new thing these days and I finished “reading” I Am Legend by Richard Matheson last week.


I have seen the movie, starring Will Smith, many times. It intrigues me a lot and despite knowing it by heart, I find myself on the edge of my seat. I like Smith in general as well. So if I find it playing on TV, I try to catch as much of it as possible.

But the book…The first surprise was obviously the fact that the book and the movie are totally different. And in a totally good way for the book!

I made this connection within the first ten minutes of “reading”. And that is exactly how long it took for my drowsiness to vanish. I just had to finish it ASAP.

Of course, that didn’t happen. But I have to admit: my heart would be beating so loudly I was sure everyone in my house could hear it thumping!

It is totally gripping. Enthralling. Majestic.

To say nothing of the commentary on the human condition, our need to b normal. Our need to cling on to the past and only moving on because we are forced to. And still attempting to find normalcy, going so far as to redefining it.

That fear rules all.

2 thoughts on “Non-review: I Am Legend

  1. I’ve never read it but it’s one I’ve been meaning to ever since I heard how different they are. (Not that I have anything against the movie, but a lot of times I don’t bother reading a book if I saw the movie first… if I’m going to experience both I’d rather do it in the other order.)

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