Sunday Special: Silence

Silence is golden.

Sometimes, it is thick and cold, like the fog settling outside. Filled with the echoes of all that was said and all that was left unsaid. Echoes of hopes, unfulfilled. Echoes of dreams, shattered.

It hangs all around you. It dictates your thoughts. It numbs your senses. Your throat dries up as you choke on the words trying to get out. Your ears ring a little. Your left eye itches. Your right toe twitches.

You can reach out a hand to touch it. Or a finger. But you don’t want to break it.

You don’t.

You only try to drown it with the voice in your head instead. In response, it rears its head and hisses at you.

You get the point: silence is golden. Shhh!


One thought on “Sunday Special: Silence

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