Colorful Lies

You do it. I do it. Everyone does it.

Everyone lies. Even those people who say they don’t.

You want to know when? The moment when they say they don’t lie.

No, I’m not calling you – or you – a liar. I’m just saying that you have, in fact, at some point in your life or the other, lied about something.

You might have lied to your mother about eating an extra cookie. Or to your teacher about your homework. Exaggerated tiredness to get out of some chore. Told your boss you were late because of the traffic, even though you just left home late.

Or how you missed a call because you were busy. Complimented someone just to be nice. Exaggerated about how much fun you had at your recent vacation. Said you have left home already when you weren’t even dressed up yet.

Or just agreed with someone because you can’t admit you don’t know what they’re talking about. Your actual age or year of birth. Made up stuff about your weekend plans. That you’ll get right to it.

Any bells ringing?

White lies such as these are generally considered harmless. Or maybe they are called white lies because they are harmless. Either way, they’re common enough. So much so that we don’t even realize that we’re lying, even technically.

But it is still a very grey area.

Speaking of which, wouldn’t lies about white lies be considered “grey”? With the latter being higher in ranking and harm, of course. Maybe even ending up “black”? (I promise I’m not being racist here).

Just a murky technicality…


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