You Know You Got Monday Blues…

You know you got Monday blues when…

  1. …the only reason you don’t want to go to bed is so that you won’t have to wake up to another Monday. (It can be delayed this way, you’ve heard.)
  2. …you finally decide to tell the Sun that you’re seeing your Bed on a side-regular basis now. (And that it’s complicated for now.)
  3. …you have to “convince” yourself to take a shower. (Since just talking to yourself wasn’t exclusive enough.)
  4. …you just miss one of your favorite songs on the radio and nothing else sounds as good. (Because most of it is constant and annoying jingles.)
  5. …you keep pecking away at your keyboard and it’s only been fifteen minutes so far. (Damn!)
  6. …you sit silent and robotic on the drive back home. (“Silently” talking to yourself as no one else is around.)
  7. …the minutes tick away one second at a time. (Even though you know no other way they could tick.)
  8. …you realize that your Monday blues are not necessarily going to be confined to just Monday. (When is Friday going to get here?!)
  9. …you draft a really awesome blog post in your head all day about your Monday blues but can’t recall anything when actually writing. (Precisely why you’re going to be a world-renowned writer one day, just wait and watch!)
  10. …you Google ‘monday blues’ to see if you can find something good enough to post and fail. (As everything is way funnier than this blog post.)


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