Bleeding Green

I thought I was a true Pakistani but no, I don’t bleed green. I know this for a fact. I checked it the other day (accidentally*).

I have a feeling most of us don’t. The people who actually sacrificed their lives, literally and figuratively, 65 years ago were the only ones who bled green. We can never understand it today – or ever. What it meant, what it took.

Because we were born with this independence, this freedom, we don’t care about it. We have put it on the topmost shelf for safety like we would a precious and delicate decoration piece. It sits there year after year, gathering dust till a day like 14th August arrives. Then we take it out, polish it and admire it for a few moments before putting it back.

And it once again sits there in its esteemed position, shining only outwardly for a while before being forgotten once again.

I have often wondered: why does a ‘patriotic’ statement from anyone sound hollow these days? In my opinion, the answer lies in the fact that we ourselves don’t believe in it. And while we struggle to paint a balanced picture, a picture of both the good and the bad of this beloved nation of ours, we still find it hard to believe in the good. And for the bad, we already believe in it too much.

The change is evident in the very fact of ‘celebration’. My own personal experience: I didn’t wear green clothes this time; nor sported any badge. Jhandian have long become extinct as far as I am concerned. No Facebook status; no green display or cover picture. We only put a flag on our roof on the day in question.

And, once outside, I looked to my right and then to my left. Didn’t even see the tiniest trace of a green-and-white flutter.

This is how we celebrate 65 years, the zeal reserved for our social media profile, our blog post and watching TVCs like Ufone’s.

[*If you’re reading this SaaFaa, yes, I think I should give some serious thought to marrying a doctor :D]




4 thoughts on “Bleeding Green

  1. Ms. M! Pleasure to be reading you after what seems like ages. Please excuse my intense battle with lethargy. (I just about triumphed).

    Excellent read, as always. I found myself in agreement with all that you said. I couldn’t have penned anything different, from this side. It is sadly true.

    We humans have come to be so dependent on nearly everything around us, it seemed like an In-dependence Day to me 🙂

    God bless! Glad to be back!

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