Juicing It Up

As a kid, ever been handed a juice box with lots of caution to not spill any from the parental unit and – oops! – still managed to slop some down the front of your clothes ’cause your grip was a bit too firm? It’s okay if you don’t (want to) remember.

This is one thing I do remember: never did happen to me, never has, and probably never will! (Okay might have happened once, I’ll give you that, but it totally doesn’t count as no one can remember!) There is only one reason for it: my parents are smart, yo! [Disclaimer: I can only speak for my parents].

Oh, yes! I owe this little brilliance entirely to them. Of course, this is not the only thing I owe to them, but all those other things are stories for another day, another post. In their parental wisdom – and maybe wanting to have one less article of clothing to wash perhaps – they made perfect use of how the box is made.

All they did was simply tug out the side flaps so the box would make a kind of T-shape and then hand it to me. So, I would be holding the flaps and not the actual box!

Ingenious, I tell you! Worked like magic, too!

As s tribute, I have carried on this tradition to present day. (I finally get to the point I originally wanted to write about?) Presented with a juice box, I will not hesitate to open the flaps before inserting the straw and gulping it down. In a way, I’m grateful that at social gatherings, drinks are not served in their containers. Technically, I’m not doing anything wrong, you know. However, it is an unconventional practice (I live in my own bubble of a world) and I do have a feeling that more than one eyebrow will be raised.

Whether or not I’ll actually do it, I’ll only know if I am ever in such a position.

While I do consider this a great idea, I also think that it was a do or die situation for my parents. Both my parents are very sophisticated and charming people. They have an ease and a grace that I WISH could have been passed on to me genetically.

I am the person who will always drop most of the things she is holding. If she manages to find them. Who will step on that loose tile on the path she uses everyday and almost twist her foot. Nearly cut off a finger while using scissors. Then, get paper cuts too. Trip going up and down the stairs. And also when going out the gate after a business meeting. Bang into the furniture in broad day light. Stub toes all the time. Cause a glass shelf to fall and crack three other surfaces, including my laptop’s LCD (That was painful for more than one reason!).

I think you get the picture.

So, with a child like me, my parents had to be on top of their game. I mean, my dad can even charm the car’s automatic window opener button thingy to open the exact amount he intended on first try. Me? The ‘button’ was smart enough to disengage after the fifth instance of the whole window opening and closing.

There is only one conclusion to this haphazard anecdote: The use of juice-box flaps are for my safety and of those around me. Approach at your own risk!





3 thoughts on “Juicing It Up

  1. I wonder if you have watched this movie, Good Luck Chuck. If you haven’t, I suggest that you do and pay close attention to Jessica Alba, the lead actress. I think you will relate a lot to her endearing mannerisms (you know, the ‘I am the person who will always drop most of the things she is holding…’ bits). 🙂

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