D. Squat, Reporting For Duty

My name is Squat. Diddly Squat and that’s all you’ll be writing about today in your personal blog. That’s all you have today to write about in your personal blog.

What did you think, huh? That you would never run out of ideas? That having a blog meant that you would be able to write regularly? That you would write regularly, even?

Oh, dear, dear, dear! I thought you would have learned something by now. You have spent a whole year writing on this platform. In fact – and forgive me for pointing this out, my love, but someone has to give you a reality check! – you have spent a whole year trying to write. So you should be well-aware of the state where there are no ideas in that pea-brain of yours.

But I’m sure even that pea-brain of yours remembers this. There have been loads of instances when you didn’t have even one-tenth of an idea to scribble two sentences together and make a post. So you often resorted to quoting or not posting anything. I think the latter happened often.

And you have, at your disposal, the perfect excuse: you were busy in other aspects of your life.


It is time to face the music, my friend. Madstickynotes is one year old now. It deserves a bit more attention than you’re currently giving it. It has been there for you and now, you need to step it up a bit as well. All those hits, followers, comments, likes – they all show you that you can do this. It is time that you stop finding excuses.

It is time that you took this seriously. Your aim was to start writing creatively again like you used to. You’ve put it off long enough. Get to it ASAP.

The time is now, my dear.

And don’t make me come back here. Or else.

Diddly Squat out.


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