YOLO: The Brushing Brew

You only live once but you have to brush your teeth twice a day.

At least, that’s what we generally hear.

Of course, if you follow Hinduism, then you’ll have to get used to reincarnation. If you get turned into an animal or a bird, then you may conveniently ignore this ‘rule’.

Ditto, Buddhists. Except you could be nice (I’m sure brushing your teeth counts) and achieve Nirvana and put an end to it. And cats are said to have nine lives.

Regardless of the number of lives you have, dentists insist – on television mostly – that teeth health is dependent entirely on cleaning them a couple of times a day. You know, with the toothpaste they are currently being paid to advertise.

But my dentist – the one who does not appear on television as far as I am aware – is very cool. He does not recommend the twice-dail yplan. No, sirree. How mainstream!

Brushing your teeth twenty times a day – not that is something indeed. Something hipster even, dare I say?

This is exactly what he told my sister when she went for her treatment and check-up.

Brushing teeth twice a day does not cut it, apparently. Usually, a person brushes their teeth in the morning. Choice of before or after breakfast; or a combination of the two. Yes, you’re allowed to clean your teeth in the shower as well. And then, once before bed after you’re done eating. Late night snack…may…be exempt from this rule. Remember: nothing too mainstream though.

He, on the other hand, would have us brushing once every hour. Toothpaste is not needed every time. (Thank God! I wouldn’t wanna run up that bill). It is just important to keep the teeth clean as much as possible.

I totally get it. My dentist has no delusions. Everyone thinks their job is the most important one. He knows.

So. Brushing teeth more than twice a day should be no problem, right? All you have to do is to carry a toothbrush with you. And use it every time you use the loo (a topic for another post :o). Very simple. I have a million things stuffed in my handbag already. A measly toothbrush won’t break my shoulders any further.

Turns out that’s not the biggest hurdle I face. It’s mostly the fact of remembering to put the toothbrush in my bag. And having separate toothbrushes for use-at-home and use-on-the-go just seems a bit too much. Also, I am lazy enough to just think about this and not actually do this.

If I ever won an award for my laziness, I’d send someone else to collect it on my behalf; I’m that lazy!

This reminds me that once, eons ago, we had to write about one thing from our daily routine for an Anthropology course and I choose ‘brushing my teeth’. What relevance this has to anything, I don’t remember.

Remembering to brush my teeth twenty times a day? My dentist wishes!

Hey, you only live once. Can’t waste time cleaning teeth twice every day. Yikes! I have much better things to do with my time!


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