May It Be…

May it be.

I am very hopeful about the month of May. I don’t know why.

Some issues have gone away, some remain. Newer ones might have raised their heads. Big issues; small issues. Issues that worry me a lot. Issues that hardly matter. Issues that have been worked out. Issues that aren’t really issues.

But there is something about the start of a new month, which makes me feel…positive. Better, at least. That I can do this.

Whatever this is that I’m doing. I’m not sure sometimes. But I guess, life wouldn’t be life without the uncertainty.

May it be an evening star,
Shines down upon you.
May it be when darkness falls,
Your heart will be true.

(May It Be, Enya)

Important note: Dear Readers, I have successfully managed to wrest the laptop away from this positive-thinker person, emerging out of nowhere, and sent them to a distant place for everyone’s safety. Hopefully, there won’t be more such “breeches”. *gallops away*


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