One Look…

With one look, you took my breathe away…

My eyes I couldn’t believe. It just couldn’t be. How could it be…when you have departed from this world? *gulp*

Heart beats faster. Panicked. Confused.

What sorcery is this?

Genes. Blood.

I close my eyes and take a calming breathe: it is only your sister looking like you. Not you, actually. A trick of the light. A blonde moment. My eyes missing the girl I barely knew. Seeking out that sweet smile. That hair. The girl next door.

It is only your older sister who looked like you from a certain angle. The sister who is probably still tormented at losing you. The sister who must have been so excited at the time of your birth. A real, little doll to play with. The sister who must have had so many dreams for you. The sister for whom most of the moments in life must be meaningless without you by her side. A sister who consciously and subconsciously thinks about you at all moments.

Welcomed you into the world. Sent you off to the other realm.

And a sister who must now look into the mirror and see you staring right back.

Heart skips a beat. Dread. An overwhelming sadness.

A silent prayer for the safety of my little one and for the afterlife restfulness of yours. (Ameen)


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