This Is A Title?

I guess, it would be? If I ever finish writing this post, you know? But then, even if I don’t? It is still a title, yeah?

So, anyway, I guess you wonder if I have a point? I actually did, didn’t I, when I started writing? I mean, like I’m supposed to know what I’m doing here? I seem to have lost the thread of the thought among all these question marks, though, no?

In any case, I certainly sound like an annoying teenager, yeah? But what I’m doing right now is setting an example for you, get it? Of which the picture is Exhibit A? I’m certain you understand that this was deliberate and all done for fun and games? ‘Cause I would seriously be annoyed if I catch the uptalk habit permanently?

Not that I don’t do it at all, you know? I mean, everybody needs some validation and confirmation in their lives, right? I can’t imagine a form of speech that forbids this completely, ya? Like, it would totally be so lame? Like totally the lamest thing everrr?

And like, I totally planned to research this better rather than writing a bunch of tag questions, y’know? I only had, like, time to research a few terms though, yeah? Hence, this meaningfulless of a post that I’m cobbling together will have to do, I guess?

I mean, I know what I am supposed to do ‘n’ all, y’know, but it’s even better if someone else agrees, yeah? ‘Cause it doesn’t end up just being my problem, if you know what I mean?

You do know what I mean, don’t you?


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