Nuts for Scrat

It’s official: I’m nuts! As nutty as anyone can be. And at least as nutty as a…nut! Maybe more.

Definitely more.

So where is my squirrel?

Yes, I would like to order one Scrat, please and thank you. To be delivered immediately. Here we have an example of true love and dedication. A perfect one. Where you (would) do everything in your power to get to your beloved, be it rain or shine.

Or freezing your saber-toothed-squirrel-rat butt off during an ice age or glaciers or monstrous-looking fish or other squirrel/rats who can also fly.

For someone like Scrat, I’d happily be a nut. Or, to be politically correct, an acorn. And exist in the ice age. And wait for my love to come for me. Wait patiently.

Because waiting is what I do best.

Waiting for the dawn. Waiting for the sky to get clear. Waiting for all the scraps that you might remember to throw me. Waiting with my heart pinned to my sleeve. Waiting for your approval and attention.


Because I think you’re Scrat. Because I believe you’ll come. Because I don’t want to give up.

Even though, I know I will wait too long. Even though, I know I am a pessimist. Even though, I have probably already given up.

Calling Scrat, one Scrat, stat please…this acorn is ready to roll. Assuming, of course – actually, hoping; crap! – that my squirrel has not been crushed under some car’s wheels.

And while I am it, still a better love story than Twilight!


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