Poop Resolutions

Taking stock. Happens at the end of every year. And the end of every year, there is lots of  talk about the resolutions we are going to make for the upcoming year.

Because every year we realize that we can – and should! – do much more with our lives. Or at least better.

Hence, we resolve to do more. Better.

Lists are made. Plans thought about. Promises with self.

I don’t believe in them.

As if the change in a number on a calendar means we can change ourselves. As if we learn. As if the rotten leaf can turn over again. As if one resolution can atone for our sins.

As if the empty shell of a life we’re living would no longer be empty.

But all we end being is a chameleon. Changing colors with the band wagon of resolutions. And actually, not even remembering what we resolved about that year when its end also draws nearer and another year, another number, looms up.

Hence, I don’t believe in them.

The funny thing is, if we really want to change ourselves, we can do so at any time of the year. We don’t have to – or rather, shouldn’t have to – wait for the end of a year to try to see where we went wrong. It should be a constant process throughout the year, throughout the life span.

Because: if we can not keep one on a daily/weekly basis (kinda like a mini-resolution), chances of us following the major ones are even less.

For example, I keep telling myself everyday that today is the day I am going back to my blog; that I am going to set aside twenty-five minutes and write a brilliant post and hit publish before I go to bed. That today, I am finally going to fill those forms that my father asked me to do so ages ago. That today, I am finally going to call my bank and complain about my debit card’s functioning. That today will the day in history that I will wake up for work on time. That from today, I am going to not eat junk food. That from today, I will be regular in taking all my meds. That today, I won’t even think about not thinking about a certain person.


The best part of following mini-resolutions would be that there would actually be less pressure. That there will always be room to tweak and adjust.

And we shall get started on the road to more and better.

If we really want to turn over a new leaf through the means of a new year’s resolution (as a means to an end, because admit it, that is all what these resolutions are about, right?), we need to at least start thinking about managing our daily self-promises better.

New year’s resolutions are poop if we don’t do this first.

End of rant.

Psst: One resolution down! *pat to self*


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