Dear Little Sister

Dear Little Sister,

I don’t know whether or not you will read this. I hope you do and I hope you don’t.

What you need to remember is that no matter what happens, I love you. I always will. Don’t ever forget that.

Moving on.

I know it’s hard to have to listen to an older sibling on top of having to listen to parents too.

Someone who is always there nagging you to pick your things up? Telling you to do your work on time? Who acts like such a know-it-all? Who keeps reminding you about how they have more experience in all things? Making fun of you? Explaining how you’re making a mistake? Bossing you around and making you do chores?

Ugh! Who needs that?!

I know, right?

Except…I don’t know…

I don’t have an older sibling like you. Not even one. While you have two…lucky?

I don’t have anyone telling me what to do. That I should pick up those shoes and put them in that big box right in the corner of that cupboard. That I am making a mistake by not using the red book. That I shouldn’t eat that second packet of crisps right before dinner. That I should organize my closet myself. You’d know better than I would, right?

But you can easily argue: that’s what parents are for. And I would completely agree.

Except the only difference between parents and older siblings is the fact that the latter did not have a direct hand in bringing you to this world.

Except, being the same generation, an older sister or brother would have more similar experiences to yours than the parents? Obviously, I wouldn’t dare to say that the former know more or better – simply that, siblings are able to relate more than the parents can, apart from a few instances.

There were a lot of times when I dearly wished I had an older sibling who could guide me and help me. Someone who would get me fudge pastries when I wanted; to help with my Math questions; to check my project; to watch movies and shows with; to nag and then to do the task themselves; to pamper me; to answer even my stupid questions. Someone I could rely on to help me with everything and anything, even when I did not think I needed any.

Especially, when I thought I did not need any.

And you got it, kid…

Yes, I may seem short with you more often than not. I have called you stupid innumerable times and probably continue to do so. We bicker. A lot. We never see eye to eye. I shout at you and you argue back.

We huff and puff and not speak to each other for a while; minutes later, we are laughing at a joke in that sitcom we both enjoy.

And that’s because, you’re my little sister, my baby.

You don’t need to be afraid of anything. I’ll always be there for you. To be afraid for you. To hold your hand. To answer your questions. To bring you chocolate treats. To point out your mistakes in your homework. To tell you stories. To pick up after you.

You will always be a priority. Except maybe when/if I have my own kids. But even then, I promise I’ll always be fair.

You were and always will be our (your brother’s and mine) first ever baby.

Now pick up all your things from my bed before you turn in.


Your Older Sister.

(P.s: We had another little one of our fights while I was typing this post/letter to you. I would like to say I am sorry for being so bossy; you, on the other hand, should realize that you can get a little annoying sometimes. Still love you! )


9 thoughts on “Dear Little Sister

  1. That was really sweet appa i mean who ever you are *looks both ways* … =p (i don’t even know if this makes sense) I Love you too. The only reason you don’t have anyone to tell you to pick things up because you do that already on you own. But i need someone to tell me to do this stuff …… i’ll write more tomorrow, i cannot think of anything right now =p Bye LOVE YA! ❤

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