Only On Eid…

Only on Eid-ul-Azha do you…

…have to wipe and dust every surface in preparation of everyone coming over. And then some.

…make your annual visit to the bakra mandi (animal market) and act like you do this everyday.

…tell tall tales of how you had to ‘wrestle’ to buy them in the first place.

…compare and contrast the size, color and price of your bakras.

…stuff everything in the nearest cupboard – except for the goats and cows.

…dress up at 7 in the morning and quickly stuff your pajamas randomly in the cupboard at hand.

…forget to try to remember to avoid an avalanche every time you have to take something out of said cupboard.

…take out hoards of china and cutlery that you didn’t even know existed.

…run around refilling dishes, marveling at the speed with which people eat.

…finish making one batch of tea for one batch of guests and have more show up in between.

…switch on the light of the room and directly go to the dresser to clean it, only to jump at the sound of snoring and look behind you to find your taya (father’s brother) taking a nap; tiptoe back out quietly.

…feed sacrificial animals and then not hesitate to gobble them up.

…boast your butcher-nabbing skills as well as the skills of the butcher you just nabbed.

…kick up a great big fuss about how “your” butcher messed us “your” meat.

…feel sad and happy at the same time in lieu of the sacrifice.

…proudly declare that you don’t eat meat.

…bite into the meat carefully as if expecting it to bite back.

…admire the bravery of five year old kids who are not even the tiny bit squeamish at the sight of blood.

…attend never-ending dinners with just the venue changing but not the people.

…run to the mirror to check your hair before every picture at said dinner.

…pose, pose and then pose some more.

…upload all the pictures as soon as possible to your Facebook and then start the commenting.

..fall asleep at night, dead tired, ready to do it all again.

…don’t find time to write a proper blog post.


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