Blast From The Past

Councilwoman Mel Burke looked a little too familiar on the new series on Star World India Melissa & Joey. Familiar and nice and relate-able…I was hooked.

Add to this the fact that the story line is generally entertaining and the punch lines are funny and witty.  Tadaaa! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Hence, I try not to miss it – a good way to spend half an hour.

The other day, while watching a rerun of one of its episodes, I saw that Mel Burke was played by Melissa Joan Hart.

Oh. My. God…

A bell trilled loudly somewhere in my head. Really loudly. OMG!

But that’s Melissa! I mean, Clarissa. I mean…*takes deep calming breathe to organize train of thought*

I mean Mel is the Melissa who was the Clarissa. Ding ding ding! Looks like I had the right answer!


I was almost jumping in excitement at this revelation. Remember “naanaanaanaanaa”?

The realization I had stumbled upon was this: Melissa Joan Hart used to do a kids/teen show on Nick which was interactive in a cool kind of way. And a really cool cool kind of way. The intro to Clarissa Explains It All was like where she wrote her name and then twisted it around and then we could see it clearly and all the other characters would appear out of one of the sides of the screen, with Clarissa also dropping in. All done to a wonderfully addictive soundtrack comprising of some upbeat music and “naanaanaanaanaa nanananaaaa”. I can hear it playing in my head, even though it was eons ago.

Ah! Those good old days…a right blast from the past this was.

I can’t believe that MJH has grown up so much. Of course, she has to have grown up. But still, it feels a little ethereal maybe? In my head, I can still see her as that nice, witty and sarcastic teenager who seemed to know what she was doing. Providing some good, clean entertainment along the way. She even showcased a pretty great sense of fashion. A-mazing show it was.

And then, of course she was also Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, maybe an even more mainstream role than Clarissa (although personally, I hardly saw it).

Seeing her on Melissa & Joey also made me feel nostalgic and I realized how much time has actually passed. I mean, just yesterday, she was a middle-schooler and teenage witch, going through the daily grind and now she is a councilwoman and an aunt for two teenagers with a hot, male nanny for them.

She doesn’t seem to have lost any of her acting skills, charm or wit.

Go Mel!


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