Wake Up In The Morning…

Feeling like P Diddy?

I would say something really witty here except that I don’t know what it would be to feel like P Diddy in the first place. Or what Ke$ha thinks feeling like P Diddy means. Maybe she wants to start rapping now and this is just a way to let us know. Or be *ahem* an African-American man?

For some reason, I think she was only trying for some rhyming in her song, if anything.

And this is how productive your mornings become when you get ready for ‘work’ and turns out that your office is also observing the Public Holiday in lieu of Nusrat Bhutto‘s death.

We’re all going to be mourning the passing of a great woman. So schools are off and offices are off and only a few markets would be open. It’s a good thing, right?

Actually, every one who is off will probably spend a lazy morning in bed and then chill out at home or find places to visit and things to do.

Too bad the only reason most of the country is halted today is because she was the mother of the current President’s late wife. And since the Pakistan Peoples Party tries to link up to the name ‘Bhutto’ every chance they can get, here was another opportunity. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the woman but I feel that under any other party’s rule, I would not be sitting in my bed, writing this post.  After finding out that I am off too the moment I was leaving my home.

Yes, this is what it boils down for us: being happy that we don’t have to go to work.

May God bless the soul of the deceased woman and give all of us, government, relatives, common man, some consideration and better motives.

I should go change into ‘home clothes’ now and watch some TV.

But the party don’t stop. No- Oh- ooh- oh oh oh. Oh- ooh- oh oh oh.


4 thoughts on “Wake Up In The Morning…

  1. I would imagine that most people would be the same really, just glad for the day off work.

    I remember when Princess Diana died there was a kind of half day off a while later. Most people didn’t really care that much, they were just glad to have a lie in.

  2. Much the same story this side of the border too!

    Given the size of the bureaucracy, it is statistically impossible to go through a month without having a few additions to Heaven/Hell. And given the number of states, the savvy (lazy) common man looking to maximize idle time should seek residence in the state that is high on politician-worship.


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