The Tip Of The Q

I wonder why they are called Q-tips.

There is nothing Q-ey about these tip. They’re trying but they are not there yet. More like dew drop-shaped maybe, if you have to give their shape a name. Or if you have to name them on their shape, that is.

Not necessary, I would say. We don’t name other things based on their shapes do we?

Would calling the TV ‘Rectangular Tube’  mean that I have an option of buying a triangular one? Would a ball be a ‘Circular Cube’? How did ‘circle’ come about, eh? We could totally continue to use alphabets you know. Imagine kids playing with O’s.

I would totally overlook all this if the dew drop-shaped piece of cotton (it is cotton, right?) on my Q-tip was size-able enough to not feel as if I have just struck a plastic rod in my ear.


And now Google asks me whether I want to find out about ‘Q-tip rapper’? Really? You’re a rapper and your name is ‘Q-tip’? What, does ‘listening’ to you result in hear loss or something?

I guess this is why in countries like Pakistan, they are referred to as ‘cotton buds’ so that there is no confusion, you know. We  third world uncultured places are not stupid you know. Dumb maybe, but not stupid.

What are you saying? What is the point of this toast?

I can’t hear you. Please speak up!

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