Life’s Epic Dramas

Being young isn’t that easy, says the deep mysterious voice.

True. I’m sure most people would agree.

What shoes to wear? Where to go out with friends?!

*tears hair in confusion*

Nokia Smart Apps on Nokia Smart Phones to the rescue! *taadaaaaa*

Because choosing the right color of shoes to wear when going to the club that night is such a major decision to make. God forbid you wore the wrong heels to the party! I mean, I would just die of embarrassment!

Same when looking for a place to hang out that night. It has to be the hippest place. And certainly, it is okay to use the backdoor.

Life’s epic dramas, indeed!

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, get a clue here: and here:

I get it that it is only an advertisement about how handy phones are that even the obscurest of information is available at one touch of the button at all hours of the day (or night, if you want to be specific).

On the flip side, however, I also see that for this generation of young people – one that I belong to as well, even if the situation doesn’t apply to me specifically – the most important things are looks and clubbing. Or even if they are not, the ‘media’ is feeding them further information pertaining to the same. Even if just an idea of it in an over-dramatized ad. And this idea just seems too shallow to me. Yes, that is how annoying I’m finding these ads.

I admire the artistic side of the ads though. They’ve been shot brilliantly and that deep, mysterious voice is definitely something that catches a viewer’s attention. But that is it. I would like to think – and believe – that we, all of us,young or old are more than just people looking for a good time or caring that the shoes we wear match our dress.

Imagine, if this is what ‘drama’ is for us…we would just fall into pieces when faced with real crisis.

Taking it too seriously? You betcha!

Someone has to. ‘Cause all these things reflect on both your and mine world.

Now this is drama, ladies and gentlemen.

3 thoughts on “Life’s Epic Dramas

  1. The Inane is the refuge of the Shallow.

    Its a paradoxical world. Even as we (seem to) progress in intellect and awareness, we celebrate and encourage vacuousness.

    If I chose, quite literally, to succumb to my hair-tearing impulses every time such inanities were aired, I’d soon be sporting a bald pate!

    Sadly (but amusingly), they reflect reality.

    Glad you aren’t a part of it.

    …gladder I’m not the only who’s been contemplating tearing my hair apart!

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