A Real Smart Move?

Planning and thinking ahead?

I wouldn’t have thought the administration of this country would have it in them. I don’t think anyone did. Think that this administration had it in them, I mean. But they just proved us all wrong.

Yep. We had no inkling. These people are actually very smart.

You know how there are numerous attempts to conserve and preserve the Earth’s scarce resources? And how there are moves towards sustainable energy and renewable resources and all that jazz? And how there is a danger that in the future, the Earth might not have anything left to give us if we continue how we’re continuing?

Well, this administration realized that the picture is not that rosy. Especially not for a country like Pakistan. We have so many problems that it is not possible to think about creating alternatives to energy. So, what to do?

Seems like they do have a solution.

Since resources are scarce and people have problems with conservation, the people should just start in living how they used to before the advent of technology and inventions and all that crap that the people rely on so much these days.

Simple and brilliant right?

And so, there are unplanned and random electrical cuts for hours at a time. So long that the UPSs give up and generators run out of petrol, something that is already too expensive for a majority of the population.

Obviously, this concerns only those who have such luxuries available. Only yesterday, during one such power cuts interestingly, my sister was wondering how her teacher ‘survived’ as she didn’t have either of these in her home. Just goes to show, doesn’t it?

In any case, the point is that we are being trained for the future. The future where there would probably be no electricity available to the masses of this country and we would probably have to sit with torches and in candlelight. Of course, there would be no TV or computer or internet or cell phones or any other electrical appliances etc etc. Well, not for long anyway. And there would obviously be no vehicles for transport and we’d finally be trained to use bicycles or our feet.

At least in this respect, the ‘stigma’ can be removed, you know. I mean, imaging saying: I use my bicycle because I care about the environment. Yuck!

And in the end, there would come a day when we would be used to the stone-age life. And if and when all resources dwindled down to nothingness, we would be ready.

That, my friends, is the very very smart plan those in power are executing quietly. I’m sure they realized they would take a lot of heat over such things. But they are willing to sacrifice their good names for the greater good. Salute!

Author’s Note: Ironically enough, the electricity went three times while I was in the process of writing this little piece. So, I’m just posting this before it happens a fourth time. Also, this piece sounded better in my head. It’s certainly not the comeback to the blogging world that I imagined it would be. Maybe I’m losing my touch. Oops.


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