Mort didn’t believe that people – even those who tried to be fairly honest with themselves – knew when some things were over. He believed they often went on believing, or trying to believe, even when the handwriting was not only on the wall but writ in letters large enough to read a hundred yards away without a spyglass. If it was something you really cared about and felt that you needed, it was easy to cheat, easy to confuse your life with TV and convince yourself that what felt so wrong would eventually come right…probably after the next commercial break. He supposed that, without its great capacity for self-deception, the human race would even be crazier than it already was.

But sometimes, the truth crashed through, and if you had consciously tried to think or dream your way around that truth, results could be devastating: it was like being there when a tidal wave roared not over but straight through a dike which had been set in its way, smashing it and you flat.

Stephen King in Secret Window, Secret Garden

This really got to me today.

I don’t know why. It’s not like it was the first time I read these words. Yes, I have at least read this story two times before. I have even seen the movie. Of course, that is not the same thing, especially as I saw the film before I read it. It has Johnny Depp in it by the way *drool* and does do justice to the story, in my opinion, unlike some other adaptations.

Today, this little passage stood out as if written in neon.

I might be crazy but I guess I’d probably have it figured out by the time the next commercial break is over. I’d keep you posted.


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