Five English Words

You didn’t answer your cellphone. 

Five simple words of the English language. But who knew the amount of reproach that five simple words of the English language could hold?

What is it to me, anyways? Why does it matter whether you attend your cellphone or not? It’s your phone, see, and your choice if and when you answer it.

Just because you have a cell does not mean you’re available 24/7 three-sixty-five. You have a life and it does not revolve around your cellphone. It’s supposed to make lives convenient and your convenience lies in the fact that you don’t remember whether you left your cell in the TV lounge or the refrigerator when you got a juice box a few days ago. And if  you didn’t want to talk to me earlier, chances are you won’t be returning my call either. Whatever that means. I don’t dictate what you do. Or don’t do.

I know you could actually be busy when I called? Yup! Before I start going all where-the-french-toast-are-you on you, did I consider even for a second that you could be doing something really important? Like diving from a cliff or saving the world or watching your favourite show or even lying on your bed staring at the ceiling fan? Important things that mean a lot of something to you.

And FYI, these things also apply to texts and replying to them.

Here’s a wake-up call for you, though.

If I called you, it must mean that in the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds of me knowing you, you must have hinted that we were friends on some level.

That I wasn’t someone random. That you would honour me with your attention momentarily. That you and I could have a pleasant conversation for a few minutes every decade or two. That if I needed to hear your voice because I missed you, you would be one phone call away. That if I was lying in a ditch somewhere losing blood, you would try to help out. That if I wanted to know how you were doing, I’d just have to type the question out and press the ‘send’ button. That somehow a very tiny part of you, somewhere way way deep down, cares for me, even if as a slightly weird girl who follows you like a puppy and just blabbers on and on.

And if you hear reproach in those five simple words of the English language, it is because I consider you important enough to give you attention, wonder how you are and what you’re up to since the last time I saw/talked to you, whether you left your cellphone in the freezer again and imagine you doing something really cool to not be able to attend your phone.

It is indeed your choice. No arguments, no reproach, no anger, nothing. It’s all cool. I’m here if you need me.

Five simple words of the English language: have fun with the fan.

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