Elephants Can Remember

You know I don’t really blame you. I get it that it’s not your fault. I mean, I just have one of those faces, you know?

You do know, don’t you? I’m talking about those very special ones. You know…the ones which can be forgotten or dismissed.

You don’t remember?

But of course, it is not your fault. I have the kind of a face no one remembers and then, doesn’t remember the not remembering. And then, my face doesn’t let you remember the not remembering of the not remembering. And then, obviously, how can I expect you to remember the not remembering of the not remembering of the not remembering? I don’t.

On the other hand, I remember.

Lots of things. People. Faces. Conversations. Promises. Numbers.

In fact, I remember so many things that happened so long ago that I could easily be an elephant. It’s simple.

Elephants can remember. I can remember. Therefore, elephant = I.

See! That’s how I’m such a Math genius.

It’s a separate matter altogether how I don’t move around in a herd, though. Nope, no herd; a lone wolf-pack, in fact.


I don’t think elephants and wolves can survive together…can they? I think it was only mammoths and saber-tooths (and sloths of course) who could be friends. That’s probably why they’re extinct now. Not the sloth though. It’s just too lazy to do anything, I presume.

So maybe I’m going the same way too. Thanks to the remembering and the not remembering. (FIY, I’m not talking about the sloth; have already perfected that).

Probably for the better though. My face can’t obviously survive the competition or face evolution. I have to face the way of the dodo.

You don’t have to be worried or anything though. You see, you won’t remember. Everyone wins.


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