Stings, Doesn’t It?

Pakistan is in the grips of an energy crisis. The electric shortfall is becoming severer day by day but nothing is being done by anyone. What Pakistani politician would ever actually do anything? It goes against everything they stand for.

But the solution is simple enough.

The government should just invest in Pepsi’s energy drink Sting!


I mean, it can evidently power car batteries, no? ( We should just start using it to power our homes and generators and UPS systems. Because, really, no one is going to build a dam or put in solar panels or look into windmills. That kind of thinking is reserved for the First World.

And in any case, we’re too busy trying to verbally bash the politician from the other party to care for how the people are dying. Best population control method, man!

I better post this before the electricity ‘goes’ again!

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