Gurgles n Giggles

I am in love.

I am in love with you.


I thought I was before too but all that seems an illusion now. And it couldn’t possibly have been real anyway. I don’t know what I had been thinking then.

But this time…this time, it’s for real.

So I lay on my side next to you, looking right into your eyes. And you…you stare right back at me avidly, eyes wide, lashes long and thick. Your mouth is slightly open but you make no sound. I follow your lead and we just lie there silently, just looking at each other.

And this is how I’m so sure.

Blink blink. Continue to stare.

You raise your hand towards me and I bring my palm next to yours so that yours sits on mine. Your unblemished soft skin against my tanned hands. What a pair we make!

And now, eyes still wide, lashes still long, mouth still open, tongue a little out, you give a little gurgle. I can’t help laughing. This turns you on.

You giggle while tapping your hand lightly on my palm. You seem to like it a lot. I grab both your hands and make you clap. You wiggle with delight.

Oh how lovingly simple and simply lovable you are, my baby!

You gargle and giggle and gurgle some more. You do all the words starting with ‘G’. Of course, you’re a little too young to know what a ‘G’ is.

You just lift your legs up and find your feet and try to fit one of your big toes in your mouth.

And you coo.

“Goo ga ga.”

Yes, baby. I love you too!


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