No Water for the Fire

I came across the link for Aatish Taseer’s article while surfing the Internet but didn’t pay much attention. The title “Why My Father Hated India” certainly did not appeal to me. Another rehashing of the old-as-time, never-ending Pakistan versus India debate. Haven’t they run out of angles on this one yet?

Browsing through the Express Tribune’s website, I came across Ejaz Haider’s rebuttal to Aatish Taseer’s piece, titled “Aatish’s Personal Fire”.

Without having read the Taseer piece, Mr. Haider’s argument made a lot of sense to me.

He appeared to have logically counter-argued Taseer’s rhetoric and, it would seem, given a convincing answer.

If judging by the comments that the readers had posted, however, maybe not. They were certainly divided on the issue.

Mr. Haider had said what he had wanted to say but the readers kept up a constant barrage of arguments. One would say that Aatish Taseer was one hundred percent on-the-dot and yet another would point out how brilliant Ejaz Haider’s line of reasoning was. And there would always be someone to rebut it.

It’s actually amusing to see how ‘Pakistanis’ keep blaming the ‘Indians’ and the ‘Indians’ continue pointing fingers at the ‘Pakistanis’. But only for a little while.

Who is right? Who is obsessed with whom? Questions that cannot ever be answered conclusively.

However, personally, the least I will say is that Haider does seem to put forth a more convincing argument, even where the structure of his article is concerned. His experience and stature shows. When I actually read Aatish Taseer’s piece, I felt like he should have spared his readers a History lesson and focused on the basic idea. I’m no expert but he seems to have gone off on a tangent from his thesis. And if his father’s anti-Indian Tweet and death was not the focus…well, then, why was it so important to mention?

I might be blinded by patriotism or be just plain-old ignorant of the ‘facts’, but a better style and structure means a better article automatically.

Moreover, I cannot help but wonder: Was Salman Taseer tweeting as ‘Salman Taseer’ or ‘Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab, Pakistan’ that it is being made into an issue?

There is no end to it. There never will be. I feel there will always be elements on both sides of the border who do not wish for actual peace in the area. So there will always be pieces like these where people get to arguing the same things again and again and again, rather than focusing on making things better.


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