I made an account on wordpress the day our Media Writing instructor asked the entire class to do so on the last day of classes. I heard him and filed it away. Although I thought that he could have done a better job (he was teaching the course for the first time ever in Pakistan), I still found that I learned a lot. And I thought keeping a blog would be the best way to ensure that I wrote, if not everyday, at least once a week.

But creating the account was the only thing I did. It has been more than a week since I have unofficially graduated and all I’ve done is plant my ass on a chair and watch TV or be online on my laptop practically all day long.

Writing? Pffft! Even writing these few small paragraphs is seeming very tedious. And for some reason, whenever I am writing properly – an essay for a class, for example – I get typing dyslexia. Keys and characters get jumbled up…thank God for auto-correct and those red squiggly lines. I have to hit the backspace key so many times that if I had kept track, I would probably have made some sort of world record by now. Shit! I missed such an oppurtunity to have my name in the Guinness Book of World Records! Or maybe I should wait till i can learn how to spell ‘guinness’ in the first place.

Also, the red squiggly line in this post tells me I need to learn how to spell ‘opportunity’.


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