Five Years

I came home from my (two years late) A-level graduation ceremony and proudly showed him my medal.

He was delighted, and immediately fished out some cash from under his pillow (where he generally kept it) as a token of his love and appreciation.

Although he wasn’t well, when I told him I wanted to take a picture with him to commemorate the day, he insisted on getting up and sitting with me for it.

It’s only been 5 years. It’s already been 5 years.

Miss you, grand father.


You Know You’re Too Old For Birthdays When…

You know you’re too old to celebrate birthdays when….

You tell yourself, and people around you, that age is just a number.

You realize no one’s racing to their phones to wish you at midnight.

Your family, particularly your mom, is the first one to wish you.

You get more wishes on Facebook than on any other medium.

And you can never be sure if they actually remember.

You try to forget about those who forgot to wish you.

People ask you about your plans for the day, rather than making any with you.

There is a slight possibility of no cake.

Your family’s gift is not a surprise, and includes things you just bought for yourself. Or just cash.

Throughout the day, you keep yourself pumped up.

Because it’s your birthday!!

Because it’s the thought(s) that counts.

Because there’s a silver lining: you were able to avoid at least one awkward situation.

Despite everything, you are extremely grateful to those who made your day special in their own way.