I’m nothing but a number of days. A few hours, some minutes, a handful of second. With each passing one, a part of me fades away. Never to return.


The hands of the clock tick on steadily, going around in circles. They pass by the same numbers, but each time is different.


That precious friend. That greatest enemy. So infinite yet very limited. All mine, yet all yours.


All the days, hours, minutes and seconds. And all that I want to do with them. Everything and anything; and yet, nothing at all.


Completely empty. Completely useless. Darkness. Disappearing into even more nothingness.


(Inspired by Al-Basri and one of my bosses)

Big Day

Something crashed outside loudly and the hefty wind rattled her window as well. It lit up with flashes and the sound of thunder rolled in a few seconds later. This was followed by a scream that was soon lost in the patter of rain.

She cracked one eye open.

It sounds like the world’s ending, she thought.

She was already cozy in bed and half-asleep. She had a big day tomorrow.

Little did she know there would be no tomorrow.

See It?

Mouth Flower“Don’t you see it?” he asked, almost in a whisper.

“See what?” she said loudly.

“There. Over there.” Pointing. “Among the flowers.”

“But there are flowers everywhere!” she exclaimed, gesturing with her hand.

“I know,” he said. “Look straight ahead from where we are standing. In the direction I’m pointing and you’ll see her.”

“Her?” She was clearly puzzled.

“Yes, her!” he emphasized, though still almost-whispering. “She was looking at me. She’s been looking at both of us constantly since you stopped to pick-.”

She cut him short. “Stop joking around, Brent. There’s no one here.”

“I’m not joking,” he  insisted. “She’s really there. Jen, look closely…”

He sounded somewhat desperate but her face was set.

“I’m leaving, Brent. Enough is enough, okay?”


She had already started walking. As he began to follow Jenny, he looked back one last time. She was still staring at them. He gulped, turned around and willed himself to not stop.

Image Source: “Mouth Flower

What If?

What if you decide that you don’t want me there by your side anymore? she thought to herself as she sipped her tea, glancing furtively at him sitting across her.

What if you just wake up on a day just like this and you know you can’t do this anymore? That you’ve been pretending all this time and now, you’re done lying? That your mind is made up?

And I’d have no clue as to the how or the why or the when.

It could be because I’m not a suitable companion or because I understand you too well. It could be tomorrow or the next century. I could be doing the laundry or six feet under. We could have a big fight about it or just hug and let go.

Regardless, the end result would be the same: you’d be gone

And I’d be left here all by myself, being throttled to death slowly by the ghost you leave behind.

The cup of tea slipped from her trembling hands and she shakily, suddenly stood up. Alarmed, he stared at her. She could see the question and confusion in his eyes, as well as his lips trying to put sound to the thoughts running in his mind.

But he actually said nothing and that’s when she knew. It wasn’t a question of what-if at all.

In fact, there was no question; just self-doubt.

There would be no day like this. That day was here already.

She stood there, her knees feeling like jelly, waiting for his words to pop her bubble, for once and for all.

(Inspired by Coldplay’s “What If?”)